Thoughts Before Bed

Thoughts before bedSomething i think about often, before going to bed, is about how much i am blessed to have a loving and supportive family. When things got rough back in jersey they stood by my side and really gave me an extra hand when i needed it most. Guys, I was pretty lost in a world of chaos and bad friends. My family was the one thing that was steady and true. I now know i can always count on you guys and i really appreciate everything you have done for me from the bottom of my heart.

Another thing i do right before i dose off is try to reflect on the days experiences. Something that really stood out today was how much of a hurry people are to get nowhere. Seriously people were racing past each other, on my commute to work, just to slam on their brakes 100 feet later . So dumb! I felt myself getting frustrated watching this nonsense go down. I then flashed back to my darker days and realized i was in a much better place now. Traffic seemed to get faster and faster but as i remembered my past struggles my attitude changed and i felt a weight lifted. The traffic then seemed to slow a bit as i relaxed and made it to work on time. Guys just take a deep breath when things get tough, i promise it will change your view on things. So, as i am laying here typing away, i feel that same sense of relaxation come over me and i am grateful for all of the blessings i have received and am about to receive.

Remembering the people that most impacted my day are thought of as well. I believe honoring others that contribute to society is a very important ritual and spreads the good vibe around. So i was cruising home after an awesome day at work and we hit a little rush hour traffic, nothing too bad, when all of a sudden this car goes flying down the shoulder and starts scraping the guard rail. I was freaked out because i was in the slow lane and this wild car almost hit me. After this car passed me it hit the guard rail and then who ever was driving hit the brakes so they could slow down. Really all this happened so fast. Once the driver got the car stopped a crazy lady jumped out of the car screaming. I rolled down my window to listen to what the heck was going on. I could hear her saying something about her husband and she was holding her chest like she was injured. I then pulled over behind her and got out to see if i could help. Sure enough she was screaming about her husband and how she thought he was having a heart attack. I was getting nervous at this point because had never dealt with a situation like this before. I looked around and nobody else even cared what was going on so i started waving my arms in the air for help in hopes that some one who knew more than me could help this guy out. After about a minute of waving and dancing around a guy in a carpet cleaning van pulled over and hopped out. Turns out this local business owner used to be in the Navy and was fully trained on how to deal with this kind of situation. Whew! So i helped the carpet guy go to work on this older gentle man who was clearly in trouble. I called 911 and after about 5 minutes the ambulance showed up and took him to the hospital. The EMT’s told me later that the guy who pulled over to help saved the old guys life. I was like Wow! So in closing i would like to honor the gentle man in the carpet cleaning van and say , “you are a hero and thank you for your service.” I looked up that guys company and just wanted to give him a shout out, i never got his name so this is his website: carpetcleanerslv.com  I am glad i got that out of the way, now i can go to bed. PEACE!


MMMMM Therapy!!


Therapy Boom!


It’s not every day when someone asks “Where are you going for lunch?” and your response is “Therapy”. Unless of course you go to therapy everyday on your lunch hour, then that’s different blog altogether, but I digress.

SO back to Therapy…It is this great tapas style restaurant on Fremont Street in Las Vegas and let me tell you it is like therapy especially if you order a glass of it J aka as vino. Continue reading “MMMMM Therapy!!”

Salt and Pepper!

It’s A Good One For Sure


“Let’s talk about food baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things we could eat, let’s talk about food” (paraphrased from Salt and Peppa of course, pun somewhat intended).

Now that I’ve got your attention one thing I would like to talk specifically about is a food app I recently discovered. The other day I was reading one of my favorite fitness magazines and I came across a little section on some of the best fitness related apps. If you’re like me and love eating out but want to do your best to making healthy choices, check out the Tasteful App. This app has more than 250,000 healthy restaurant options in over 8,000 cities and since this isn’t math class I’ll do the math – 3.5 million healthy dishes. This super cool app lets you narrow it down to Vegan, Paleo, low carb, vegetarian or whatever you are looking for. It even narrows it down further once you pick a restaurant, it shows the menu options and prices for the genera of food you are looking for. The best part about this food app – it’s FREE! Continue reading “Salt and Pepper!”

Awesome Eats

Some More Awesome Eats!

If you are looking for the best places in Las Vegas I can fill you in. I am fairly new to Las Vegas so I do my best to try a new place to eat every time I go out to eat. One of my favorite places when it comes to food quality and experience is the Hofbräuhaus House located at 4510 Paradise Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89169. I came from a German background and have experienced several authentic recipes through family gatherings, which means I know good German food. Continue reading “Awesome Eats”




PizzaI repeat, I LOVE pizza! Seriously i was born in Jersey so what do you expect. Just wanted to share a great place in Vegas to get some awesome pizza.

One of my good friends came with me to check out this new but apparently old pizza joint. My buddy is such a comedian and a little rough around the edges (he owns and operates a towing company here in town). I thought he would be the perfect person to bring along for the adventure. Joe (my friend) has a pretty load mouth and it always gets him in trouble. After i picked him and we headed out, we got about 3 blocks and one of his tow truck rivals pulls up along side of us and starts getting wise. Joe of course just buys right in and starts running his mouth. He rolls down the window and yells at the top of his lungs “Towing Las Vegas” like some kind of fool. Continue reading “PIZZA!!”

Best Buffet in Vegas

Cool so i love to talk about great places to eat and new recipes i comes across through my travels. So her we go. Lets talk about buffets first. Some of these all you can eat buffets in Vegas are just gross! Not all of them but a LOT. Again i am not going to name name names here just to keep this post clean. Some of the lower end casinos off the strip are like eating in a high school cafeteria, or worse. The only way i could weed out the bad eggs was to actually go and eat there. Trial and error is the best way to narrow in on some of the best eats in town.

Continue reading “Best Buffet in Vegas”

Welcome to my new website

Hey guys, welcome to my new website called Cooking Three Times. Just wanted to say, “Hello.” Anyways, check back in a little while and i will have some new stuff for you to check out. This website will be dedicated to documenting my new home here in the beautiful and sunny Las Vegas and my new found hobby of great places to eat along with awesome recipes i come across.

OK so I am back and ready to go.

Continue reading “Welcome to my new website”